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Woody Young has authored or assisted in the publication of over twenty books.  Mr. Young is the President of Joy Publishing, which received "The Publisher of the Year" award.  Most of Woody Young's books are presented for your review on this web page. Woody Young is also the owner of two other long-time established companies.  Mr. Young, a long time member of The National Speakers Association, is the creator of the character, Kit-Cat®, who is illustrated throughout many of his books.  The renowned Kit-Cat Clock is also an owned creation of Woody Young.  "Woody", as he likes to be called, resides with his wife in Fountain Valley, California.

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Uncommon Wisdom
by Woody Young

YES!, I would like to order "Uncommon Wisdom" for only $10.00

We hold certain Truths to be self-evident . . . is a statement our country was founded upon. All countries, all companies, all families must believe in certain moral principles that give direction and purpose to their existence. This book examines the Ten Commandments as they may be related to a company's basic operating principles. Through the use of analogies, each commandment takes on a new perspective as it is applied to basic business principles.

Although each of the company's policies and goals should be self-evident, there are times when all employees, from the president on down, need to review the basics.

This book has been written in an easy-to-read style by one who has experience at all levels in the largest of corporations and the smallest of companies. If, as you read, you wish to share something with someone else, try to hold yourself back until you have finished the book; then share the book by letting the other person read it firsthand to receive the fullest positive impact. This book is not about taking sides and putting one group against another. It's about being on the side that does right as the following story about Lincoln illustrates. Abraham Lincoln was one day chatting with a delegation of churchmen who had called upon him, offering him spiritual guidance. "The Lord is on our side," the spokesman reassured the President. Lincoln merely nodded silently. "But, Mr. Lincoln, don't you believe that the Lord is always on the side of the right?" " Yes," the President answered, "and, therefore, it is my concern to see that this nation and I stay on the Lord's side." Perception is a viewpoint. The purpose of this book is that we would view our moral obligations and perceive what is right to do from the same point of view.


Countdown to Eternity: Prologue to Destiny
by Woody Young and Chuck Missler

YES!, I would like to order "Countdown to Eternity: Prologue to Destiny" for only $19.95

"It's just ideal. I wouldn't hesitate to give it to anyone who had questions about the Bible. Put it in your General Bible Section!"
J. Burnett, Berean Christian Bookstore,
San Jose, CA

"Presents well the overall picture of the Bible."
Bookstore Journal, February ' 93

"An excellent starting point for understanding the Bible. I'm going to use it as a primary resource for anyone who questions the Bible 's validity."
C. Smith, WAGP, Beaufort, SC

"Very easy to understand and I appreciate that."
J. Stone, Salem, Oregon

"I had been studying Eastern religions and 'New Age' and had many questions about the Bible. This book answered them all! It finally makes sense to me."
Reader, call-in from PA

Because this enlightening guide illustrates how Biblical events hold significance for your daily walk with God, you will be inspired to approach the Bible with a new perspective -- that given to you by the Holy Spirit. You will be amazed when Scriptures, which may have seemed unimportant to you before, illuminate your faith. The Bible is a message to mankind from an awesome creator who clearly spells out the solutions to life's problems. COUNTDOWN TO ETERNITY reveals this message in a manner which is easily understood, allowing you to experience your fullest spiritual life.

Co-authors Woody Young and Chuck Missler understand the complexity of the Bible and the frustration many suffer trying to digest it. Both authors have large spirit-led ministries, reaching out to believers and non-believers. Woody Young, a successful entrepreneur who owns several companies, is the founder of Joy Publishing, which won the 1991 Ben Franklin Award as "Small Press Publisher of the Year." Joy Publishing produces the monthly publication, The Christian Communicator: A Source of News and Encouragement for Christian Writers and Speakers' which is recognized around the world. The recipient of the Distinguished Toastmaster Award by Toastmasters International, Mr. Young is the author of more than twenty books.

Chuck Missler has served as CEO and on the Board of Directors of many Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the defense industry. He graduated with honors from the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland and holds graduate degrees in business and engineering. Now in full-time ministry, he has over eight million Bible study tapes in circulation around the world and is co-author of two books.


So You've Been Asked To Pray
by Dr. John B. Toay and Woody Young

YES!, I would like to order "So You've Been Asked To Pray" for only $9.95.

"This excellent introduction to successful Christian writing gives the beginner an intimate glimpse into the life of a genuine pro." Sherwood Wirt, Author and Editor, Decision Magazine

This handy guide for public prayer is more than just a book of prayers to memorize. It is designed to help the speaker set the tone of the prayer as well as give him or her the proper thoughts. Shown before each prayer is a delightful cartoon of the positive character, Kit-Cat, to bring a smile to your face and set the mood for a lighthearted exhortation. Not only are the prayers thoughtful and unique but this self-guide is very organized and easy to use. After all, one may only have a few minutes warning before being sent "on-stage." And it's just the right size to fit in a brief case or purse.


"The Song Wise" Series
by Woody Young, Illustrated by Craig White

YES!, I would like to order "A Song Wise Book" for only $2.95 each

Book 6: "Star Spangled Banner"
Book 7: "America the Beautiful"
Book 8: "America"
Book 9: "Battle Hymn of the Republic

The four book "Song Wise" Series gives the history behind American patriotic
songs and then illustrates each stanza with Kit-Cat drawings. Each book
costs $4.95, and the four joined together create our flag as shown here.


"Clockwise, Learning to Tell Time with Kit-Cat" $4.95
by Woody Young, and Illustrated by Craig White

YES!, I would like to order "Clockwise, Leaning to Tell..." for only $4.95

Learning to tell time can be fun. Children need to be able to tell time as young as possible, so we have designed this book as a fun way for children to learn how to tell time. The book is designed as a work book so the children can write in it. We hope you will enjoy telling time with Kit-Cat.





"Smile Wise with Kit-Cat," $4.95
by Woody Young, and Illustrated by Craig White

YES!, I would like to order "Smile Wise With Kit-Cat" for only $4.95

Smile with Kit-Cat. Enjoy selected "Smile with Kit-Cat" cartoons. The cartoons give visual understanding to children of the value of a smile. For a sample cartoon visit our Smile for the Day page.





"Money Wise, Introduction to Money" $4.95
by Woody Young, Illustrated by Craig White

YES!, I would like to order "Money Wise" for only $4.95

Money Wise was written to assist children in learning the value and handling of money. The Kit-Cat illustrations, plus cut out and game pages, make a serious topic fun and interesting. The book includes a centerfold of play money. Topics covered are:

Counting Money
Making Change
Tips on Handling Money
Glossary of Money Terms


"Clock Wise with Kit-Cat" $4.95
by Woody Young, Illustrated by Craig White

YES!, I would like to order "Clock Wise" for only $4.95

"Clock Wise" we hope provides an uplift to your spirit. We have tried to put our observations and theories on life in a unique form. This book was designed with love to express some of the positive forces in your life. You have the opportunity to personalize each quote and evaluate for yourself what interpretation and commitment is right for you.

Our genuine hope is that you will keep this book in a handy place. When you need an uplift you'll read your selected quotes and feel refreshed. While reading let your spirit soar and capture the light hearted fun intended in each illustration.





"100 Plus Craft and Gift Ideas: Fun & Easy Ideas"
by Sally Stuart and Woody Young

YES!, I would like to order "100 Plus Craft & Gift Ideas: Fun & Easy Ideas" for only $9.95

The positive character, Kit-Cat, guides children through these unique, easy-to-duplicate crafts. Ideas are centered around the seasons and holidays but help parents keep children busy at any time of the year. Many of these crafts can be used for holiday decorations to give children an added sense of accomplishments in the home. Also included are helpful tips about supplies, wrapping gifts and packaging. Contains cut-out shapes, and illustrated certificates which can be given for a "Job Well Done" or to reward "Creativity!"


"100 Plus Desserts and Appetizers: Fun & Easy Ideas"
by Shirley Lundgren and Woody Young

YES!, I would like to order "100 Plus Desserts and Appetizers: Fun & Easy Ideas" for only $9.95

This cookbook for the modern-day family is full of delicious, quick recipes! Not only are the desserts and appetizers delicious and fun to make, but are so colorful and interesting to look at that you may have to decide whether to eat the food or frame it! Includes menu suggestions for parties and holidays, a grocery planning list, cut-out shapes for cookie designs, and illustrated certificates to give to a "a young, enterprising chef!" for encouragement.



"100 Plus Party Games: Fun & Easy Ideas"
by Sally Stuart and Woody

YES!, I would like to order "100 Plus Party Games: Fun & Easy Ideas" for only $7.95

The first book of a great, fun-filled series! A best-seller which is completely illustrated with delightful and positive attitude characters. Packed full of wholesome, easy-to-play activities and games which can be easily adapted to any holiday, season or party theme. Includes a list of seasons and holidays with suggested symbols and colors to use in carrying out those themes.

Also includes party planning tips, money saving "make-your-own" party decorations and humorous certificates to give to game winners. Great for large or small groups!


"Our Family Babysitting Guide"
by Julie and Woody Young

YES!, I would like to order "Our family Babysitting Guide" for only $8.95

Last minute instructions to a babysitter as parents rush out the door is inappropriate behavior for parents of today.-Investigator, Southern California Police Department.

Today's news headlines are filled with harrowing tales of children suffering emotional and physical abuse and responsible parents are determined their children won't become tomorrow's top story. Now, OUR FAMILY BABYSITTING GUIDE puts important emergency information, medical considerations, floor layouts and other vital information at sitters fingertips for quick, hands-on help in a crisis.
Written by father-daughter team, Woody and Julie Young, this concise, entertaining and comprehensive guide to caring for your family puts parents at ease and gives babysitters the confidence to handle any situation which may occur. Tailor-made for today's active families,OUR FAMILY BABYSITTING GUIDE serves as a gathering place for all kinds of information, activities and instructions. Delightfully illustrated with the world famous Kit-Cat and friends, this handy new guide supplies all that parents might forget, such as:

And lots of whimsical activities, craft ideas and fun recipes --all designed to help the babysitter keep the children busy!


Don't Be Denied God's Power
by Stan Riley

YES!, I would like to order "Don't Be Denied God's Power" for only $10.00

The purpose of this book is not to force a particular doctrine upon the reader, nor to contradict that of others, but rather to encourage the Church as a whole to open their eyes and ears: to consider the words of Jesus and grow in His reflection. I make no claim to be the only or absolute authority on the subjects contained within this book. However, I can share with you what I have learned from my experiences over the past thirty-plus years in successful ministry. The Christian Church as a whole, needs to take a fresh look at itself and begin to question its apparent complacency toward spiritual power. This book will attempt to:

Letter From the Publisher Every book has a story about how it came to be published. Some book's stories almost deserve a book by themselves. DON'T BE DENIED GOD'S POWER has such a story. When this manuscript arrived in my office, it sat in a pile of other manuscripts for several months.I almost returned it unread. Then, for some unknown reason, I noticed it. I stuck it, along with other papers, into my briefcase to take with me on a cross country trip. While on the plane, I reached in my briefcase and blindly pulled out something to read. I had grabbed DON'T BE DENIED GOD'S POWER on my return I called the author. I told him that I felt I was to publish his book, but first, I needed to be sure that he could do what his book said. We arranged a visit. I started testing him by taking him to a friend who suffered from a spirit of unforgiveness. After delivering her and then baptizing her in the Holy Spirit, her life changed on the spot. "I'm feeling like the heaviest load has been cast off my back," she said. It's been a year since then and there is no doubt about her deliverance. Next I challenged Stan with a friend who had been diagnosed as having a brain tumor. We drove to her home. Stan and I prayed for her. At her next doctor's appointment, there was no evidence of a brain tumor!
The list goes on: back problems healed, eye sight restored and person after person baptized in the Holy Spirit. I've been with Stan on several occasions this last year and wherever he goes, signs, wonders and miracles follow him. I know from first hand experience that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are real. And that is the story behind this book. May it open your eyes to the gifts God has available for us.


The Christian Observance of Passover
The Haggadah
by Beverly Jeffers

YES!, I would like to order "The Christian Observance of Passover" for only $10.00

A Christian observance of the Seder service using the New International Version of the Bible.

With special feature:
Biblical Wedding Reveals New Insights
By Woody Young and Chuck Missler


"Kit Cat's Time Travel Adventures" $7.99
by Susan Sorensen and Joette Whims

YES!, I would like to order "Kit Cat's Time Travel Adventure" for only $7.99

"Kit Cat's Time Travel Adventure" is a wonderful presentation to give children a knowledge of our nation's biblical heritage. It gives them tools to help participate in preserving our religious liberty. The book has be written to educate our children, and perhaps adults, about the rich heritage of prayer in our nation and the ongoing practices by our Congress, presidents and local government leaders. The excitement of prayer is brought to life in this book.

The great faith that led our Nation's Founding Fathers to pursue this bold experiment in self-government has sustained us in uncertain and perilous times; it has given us strength and inspiration to this very day. Like them,we do very well to recall our "firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence," to give thanks for the freedom and prosperity this Nation enjoys, and to pray for continued help and guidance from our wise and loving Creator.
Our challenge is to pass this tradition of prayer on to the next generation. They have a young faith and a vision to change our nation for good. We can tap into that great resource by teaching them to pray for their country as well. "Kit Cat's Time Travel Adventure" is an enchanting way to teach our children about our prayer heritage.


100 Plus Motivational Moments For Writers and Speakers
by Donna Goodrich, Mary Lou Klingler, and Jan Potter

YES!, I would like to order "100 Plus Motivational Moments For Writers and Speakers for only $10.00

An inspiring anthology of over 100 Christian authors, 100 PLUS MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS is a book of scriptural encouragement for the Christian writer, speaker, pastor, teacher, or anyone who prepares messages for others. Refer to the devotionals written by Florence Littauer, Janette Oke and Marlene Bagnull to receive inspiration before you begin to write your article or speech. The messages motivate you to view your craft for what it really is-a calling from the God who deserves your best effort!


The Management Team
featuring Woody Young

YES!, I would like to order "The Management Team"  for only $16.95

management.gif (79013 bytes)An Encyclopedia of Management Techniques, Ideas, and Strategies.

Here is your own Management Team. Ready? Let's go to work!

The symbol of Success in the Chinese language is the word for work with a wall at the end of it.  When the job is completed, that is Success.  Management is the skill of completing the job.  The "How-to's" required to steer the job to fulfillment are explained in this exciting Anthology of top U.S. Managers.

In forming four successful corporations the publisher of this book has often thought of Successful management as the driving of the dream. To fly a huge plane, all the engineers, workers and designers must first do their job.  The motors are checked, fuel tanks filed, pay cargo loaded, crew trained.  Then the pilot pulls out the charts to determine the best way to bring that pay load to its buyers.

The managing of business is more than coping with storms and disasters.   It is the skill of pulling the very best work out of every member of the company.   The Remington Shaver Company has recently printed on their products "PROUDLY made in the U.S.A."  The "Gung Ho!" Spirit of enthusiastic hard work.

This book is crammed with Successful Management Techniques, Ideas and Strategies by top Management Speakers.

One-Minute Managers..30 Second Managers, all kinds of managers have written the quintessence of their best ideas in this exciting Anthology of Management Techniques, Ideas and Strategies.  Read this fascinating book now and learn from the experts.  The Management team is waiting for you...Ready to go to work.





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